Timbale of black pudding, chickpea and roast potato

3 h
Type of dish: Meats, Legumes, Finger foods
Cuisine type: Basque cuisine
Temperature: Hot
Seasonal period: September, October
Traces of celery
Traces of celery
Traces of mustard
Traces of mustard
Traces of sesame
Traces of sesame
Ingredients for 5 portions
Ingredients for portions/units
Black pudding 0.5 kg
Potatoes 0.5 kg
Purple onion from Zalla 0.2 kg
Table salt 1.0 g
Ground black pepper 1.0 g
Vinegar 0.01 l
Chickpeas 0.1 kg
Butter 0.15 kg
Plain flour 0.11 kg
Egg whites 3.0 ud
Marcona almonds 0.02 kg
Hazelnuts 0.02 kg
Water 0.75 l
Onion 0.05 kg
Carrots 0.025 kg
Leek 0.1 ud
Bones 0.1 kg
Bay leaf 0.025 g
Thyme 0.05 g
Minced meat 0.05 kg
Onion 0.015 kg
Green leek 0.05 ud
Egg whites 0.25 ud
Table salt 0.5 g

For the blood sausage and potato timbale:

  • Bake the potatoes greased, salted and wrapped in aluminium foil.
  • Peel them and break them with a fork with some extra virgin olive oil and salt. The result will be a rustic mash.
  • Confit the chopped Zalla red onion cut into julienne. Drain well.
  • Cook the black pudding. Remove the skin and crumble it.
  • Assemble the blood sausage and potatoes into rings.
    • Place a base of mashed potato in the ring.
    • Add a thin layer of onion, well drained.
    • Finally, place a thick layer of crumbled blood sausage.

For the chickpea stock:

  • Make a clarified stock with chickpeas. Set aside the cooked chickpeas.
  • Thicken slightly with xanthan.
  • Add flavour.

For the garnish:

  • Fry the cooked chickpeas in the broth.
  • For the decoration:
  • Make a romesco tile.
  • Spread 150 g of butter.
  • Add 3 egg whites.
  • Add 110 g of flour and mix well until the dough is smooth. Set aside for at least an hour in the fridge.
  • Crush 6 almonds and 10 roasted hazelnuts into powder.
  • Sliced two slices of dried tomatoes. Turn dust into dry pepper.
  • Prepare powdered tomato.
  • Spread thin portions of dough on a silpat, bake in the oven at 160 ºC, for 3 minutes. Sprinkle a small amount of the different powders onto each portion. Bake for a few more minutes until crisp.


  • Heat the blood sausage and potato timbale.
  • Place in the centre of a deep dish and remove the ring.
  • Add the hot broth.
  • Place some fried chickpeas around the timbale.
  • Decorate with a romesco tile attatched to the black pudding timbale.
Nutritional information (1 portion)
Fiber 8.71 g
Saturates 27.76 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 44.51 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 8.32 g
Cholesterol 149.37 mg
Calcium 159.92 mg
Iron 17.9 mg
Zinc 1.71 mg
Vitamin A 355.21 ug
Vitamin C 42.22 g
Folic acid 102.81 ug
Salt (Sodium) 1416.6 mg
Sugars 6.05 g
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