2 h 30 min
Suitable for vegetarians
Type of dish: Pastries
Temperature: Room temperature
Cuisine type: European cuisine
Seasonal period: All year
Traces of nuts
Traces of nuts
Ingredients for 5 portions
Ingredients for portions/units
Sterilised milk 0.069 l
Creamed margarine 0.021 kg
Table salt 0.833 g
Sugar 0.021 kg
Plain flour 0.181 kg
Yeast 5.556 g
Eggs 1.111 ud
Brown sugar 0.042 kg
Plain flour 0.011 kg
Creamed margarine 0.033 kg
Ground cinnamon 3.056 g
Ground nutmeg 0.556 g
Dried ginger 0.278 g
Icing sugar 0.028 kg
Cream 0.014 l

For the dough:

  • Heat the milk with the margarine, the salt and the sugar until the margarine is melted being careful not to let it boil.  
  • Add the mixture to a bowl with the yeast and half the flour. Beat at a low speed. 
  • Add the eggs one by one to the dough. Beat for 3 minutes at maximum speed. 
  • Add the other half of the flour and beat at a low-medium speed until the dough is elastic and non-sticky. 
  • Keep in an airtight bowl. Let it ferment until it doubles in size. 

For the filling:

  • Mix brown sugar, flour, margarine, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg and powdered ginger in a bowl. 
  • Mix until it looks like sand.

For the glaze:

  • Mix the cream with the icing sugar. It should have a light appearance and when pouring it should pour easily. 
  • If it is too stiff add some water.


  • Degas the dough and let stand 10 minutes. 
  • Stretch the dough forming a square of 30 x 30 cm. 
  • Preheat the oven to 190 ºC.
  • Spread the filling over the dough and roll up. Paste the ends with a little cream.
  • Cut discs of 3 cm thick.
  • Let ferment until it doubles in size. 
  • Before baking brush with cream. 

Bake at 190 ºC for 25-30 minutes.

Let cool. Once cold, add the glaze.

Nutritional information (1 portion)
Fiber 1.62 g
Saturates 3.69 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 3.3 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 4.55 g
Cholesterol 68.5 mg
Calcium 45.25 mg
Iron 1.18 mg
Zinc 0.6 mg
Vitamin A 38.16 ug
Vitamin C 0.42 g
Folic acid 33.54 ug
Salt (Sodium) 187.99 mg
Sugars 18.09 g
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