Basque albacore tuna in olive oil

90 min
Type of dish: Fish
Temperature: Room temperature
Seasonal period: All year
Ingredients for 5 portions
Ingredients for portions/units
Bonito 0.5 kg
Coarse salt 0.07 kg
Water 0.5 l
Bay leaf 0.5 g
Olive oil 0.25 l
  • Clean the albacore tuna and cut it in slices. If you have a white tuna belly (Ventresca), keep it in a whole piece.
  • Boil in brine (water and thick salt), add a bay leaf, and keep boiling until the flesh separates from the bone.
  • Remove from brine and let cool.
  • Remove skin, bones and coloured black parts from the albacore tuna.

To be packed in glass jars:

  • Sterilize the glass jars (lids must be previously removed) to 100 ºC for 10 minutes (jar capacity 0.25l)
  • Place the albacore tuna into glass jars and cover with soft olive oil.
  • Sterilize the glass jars to 100 ºC for 40 minutes or using pressure to 119 ºC for 30 minutes.
  • Wait 4-6 weeks before eating.
  • It can be kept for a long time.

Nutritional information (1 portion)
Fiber 0.0 g
Saturates 4.38 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 21.25 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 3.32 g
Cholesterol 35.85 mg
Calcium 33.73 mg
Iron 0.98 mg
Zinc 1.04 mg
Vitamin A 87.6 ug
Vitamin C 0.0 g
Folic acid 14.1 ug
Salt (Sodium) 5476.62 mg
Sugars 0.05 g
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