Coprinus picaceus

Category Mushrooms

The black and white coprinus has an ovoid cap, covered by a grey felt, with whitish grey spots, it’s a bit eye-catching and it goes black and deliquescent with time. From 5 to 8 cm tall. White gills from their source, then brown and finally black and deliquescent. Tall and white stipe, a bit fibrous and scaly, without a ring.

Their flesh is white, good tasting as long as it hasn’t gone black and scarce.

Practically harmless as far as poisonous fungi go, they don’t have any nutritional values; and they shouldn’t be used if they are stinky.

There are no venomous species, although it can be toxic if eaten with alcoholic beverages.

It grows on humid grounds, in broad leaved forests, in dung piles and recently fertilized soil or in decaying trees.