Category Mushrooms

Common name: chanterelle.

Spanish:Rebozuelo, Cuerno de la abundancia, Girolo, Seta de San Juan

Catalan: Rossinyol, Torrentó, Picanell

Basque: Saltxaperrechicu-urriziza.

It has the shape of a trumpet with undulated and sinious edges, pulpy, hairless, of gold yellow or salmon colour, that sometimes is covered by a thin silver layer. Its sheets are decurrent, thick, spaced, branched, dichotome, and have the same colour of the hat. It reaches diameters from 6 to 10 cm. Its pedicel is thick, pulpy, fibrous, consistent and has the same colour of the hat.

Its pulp is pale yellow, its flavour is very delicated and spicy, and the smell agreeable.

It is an excellent food, which can be conserved dried without losing its organoleptic qualities, whose smell is likeable, as of apricot. It is common in most of the forests. Difficult to be confused, due to its shape and colour. It nearly always appears the first one among the species of autumn. Quite often, they appear in circles or in big colonies in shaded exposures.