Boletus edulis

Category Mushrooms

Common names: penny bun, cep, porcino or porcini.

Spanish:Hongo negro, Viriato, Hongo lapidero, Seta de calabaza, Seta de Burdeos, Boleto comestible, Calabaza.

Catalan: Sureny, Ciuró, Ciurenya, Surenc.

Basque: Orduak, Zuriya, Ondua, Onzuri.

It has the shape of a convex hat, conical, slightly wrinkled in the edges, hairless, sometimes with cracked skin, wet surface, brownish, tawny or greyish yellow shade.

It has long, solid and porous tubes, whose shade is yellowish white that becomes greenish when it grows. There is a variety of whitish hat.

Its pedicel is thick, vigorous, solid, slightly soft in the upper half, covered by a thin reticulation of ashen shade.

Its pulp is reddish-white, compact, tender, with likeable flavour and smell. A very good food.

Cut in sheets can be dried up in a properly climate and be conserved like that in an easy and suitable way. It is common in medium or low height hills, populated with holm oak or resinous, in clay-siliceous lands, and rather sunny exposures, from the middle of summer to an advanced period of autumn.

It is one of the most searched mushroom, and has the characteristic of not changing the colour when it is cut.