Applications: Mincers have different blade racks and grids which are used to mince meat in pieces of different sizes depending on its use. It is important that its temperature isn’t very high to avoid meat being blocked in the mincing process.

Functioning: To start, the machine is assembled. First of all, the block is set and adjusted. Then, the worm drive is placed followed by the blades and the grids depending on the use plus the fastening ring  and the thread. When the machine is ready, it is connected and the meat is introduced little by little to be minced. The machine mustn’t be working without meat  because the blades and racks overheat and the meat can be spoiled.

Safety and cleaning: Hands mustn’t be introduced into the hole where the meat is placed. The machine must be dismantled to be cleaned. This action must always be done when the machine is unplugged. The pieces are cleaned in the sink and the machine with water and a suitable detergent. Non-stainless steel pieces must be carefully handled by being thoroughly dried and sprayed with nutritional oil to prevent them from rusting.