Lepiota procera:

Category Mushrooms

Common name: parasol mushroom.

Spanish:Matacandelas, Parasol, Comella, Galanperna, Galipierno.

Catalan: Apagallums, Camasec, Cogumell.

Basque: Galamperna, Choupis.

The shape of its cap is at the beginning like a bludgeon of a dark brown colour, and then, spreads out with a central pike and greyish brown bottom, with big tomentose scales of pale brown or brown. Its thick sheets gills are white, cramped of yellowish white shade, that become dark brown when they get in contact with air.

It has a high and thin stem, with a thick base, forming a volva, finely zoned, brown scaly with a double spread out ring.

Its pulp is white and fragile, and becomes reddish when it gets in contact with air. It has sweet flavour and nice odour.

It is common in most open forests, on loose sandy floor and on dunes, from late summer to late autumn.