Neoboletus luridiformis

Category Mushrooms

It is known as dotted stem bolete.

In Catalan: Mataparent de peu  vermell

In Basque : Orrementi-onio

It has a dark brown cap, usually with red or olive sparkles. It is convex, and tomentous, from 5 to 20 cm when dried.  It has yellow tubes with small yellow pores which turn blue when touched.

Robust pedicel, generally wide on its base and fleshy, with a yellow base that gets tomentous from its red part upwards.

It has a compact yolk coloured flesh that goes green at first when being cut and completely blue later. It is edible but it must be thoroughly cooked.

They prefer forests with broad-leaved trees and an acidic humus and are commonly found in coniferous forests. It is the easiest to spot among the boletus that go bluish.

It is a boletus fungus. It has got many pores beneath its cap, which are the tube orifices. This is a characteristic typical of boletus since they do not have gills but a spongy mass under their cap, whose colour may get different kinds of yellow or even light greens.