Usage: A stuffer is used to stuff all kinds of mixtures inside intestines to make fresh, cured or cooked sausages. A special component can be attached to it to make hamburgers.

Safety and maintenance: It should never be opened with the mixture inside without opening the piston first. The inside bucket should be cleaned with hot water and a proper detergent.

How to operate: First, the bucket should be filled. The mixture should be well pressed so as to get rid of the air. After that, the machine is closed and the right funnel depending on the preparation is placed on.  The intestine is put into the funnel and the pedal is pressed until the mixture starts to come out of the funnel. Right then, the intestine is tied up and then we start to stuff it. When all the mixture has been introduced, the pedal has to be released so the piston goes down and we can fill it up again.