Amanita muscaria

Category Mushrooms

The Amanita muscaria, also known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, is a fairly common basidiomycota mushroom, from the agaricales order.

The name comes from the latin muscaria, musca meaning fly, and it’s a reference to how it interacts with insects. It temporarily paralyses the insects that touch the mushroom.

  • Size: Between 10 and 20 cm.
  • Color: Red with white dots.
  • Characteristic mushroom hat shape: its pileus vary in diameter size from 10 to 25 cm. They go from a globe shape to a convex one and finally flat as most amanitas. Its cuticle can be split and is scarlet but turns orange as it gets old. There are many white residues from the universal veil, they are fluffy and appear in concentric circles, they turn yellow as time passes. Fleshy, consistent and attractive looking. Incurved margin with stretch marks when older.
  • Stipe: cylindrical, easily split from the cap, from white to slightly pale yellow, upright, robust, thick and ringed. The size goes from 12 to 20 cm of height and 1 to 3 cm of diameter.
  • The ring is big, membranous and with slightly yellow borders.
  • The stape base is club-shaped, surrounded by a vulva, white, transient and in the shape of warts that form up incomplete circles.